YS Viveka's Daughter Complains To AP CEO

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YS Vivekananda Reddy's Daughter Dr.Sunitha Reddy met AP Chief Electoral Officer Gopalakrishna on Thursday. She complained to the CEO that the comments made by CM Chandrababu Naidu will influence the investigation of her Father's Murder Case.

Sunitha Reddy appealed Gopalakrishna to take measures for allowing Special Investigation Team (SIT) to carry out the investigation in an impartial manner. She submitted the paper cuttings with statements issued by Chandrababu Naidu on the murder of YS Vivek to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Speaking to media, Sunitha Reddy alleged: 'Allegations of Chandrababu Naidu could influence the SIT investigation. There is every possibility of deviation in the investigation. I just appealed Chief Electoral Officer to ensure impartial inquiry happens to help us get justice. CEO assured us that the complaint will be forwarded to the Election Commission of India'.

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