Jagan To Give 5,000 Stipend To Junior Lawyers

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Jagan gave a green signal to fulfill another promise. YS Jagan promised to pay a stipend of Rs 5000 per month to junior lawyers during the election campaign. The Chief Minister has decided to implement this scheme full fledged on the 2nd of next month. He approved all the rules and regulations of the scheme. Jagan has decided to give 5,000 per month for the junior lawyers until they become stable in their work for three years.

The government will issue a G.O with all the guidelines on 14 of this month. On the 2nd of next month, the money will be credited in the allotted bank accounts for all the eligible junior lawyers. On the next day, that is 3rd, along with receipt of the money deposited, CM's message will be door delivered. The applications will be sent to Village volunteers through the village ward and Secretariat. After inspection, the eligible candidates' details will be sent to Municipal Commissioner and MPDOs at city and village levels respectively. Details of the eligible candidates will be in the CFMS portal. The list of the eligible candidates will be kept in village and ward offices for social check purposes.

Guidelines for the Candidates

The applicant must have a law degree.

The name of the applicant must be registered in the state bar council under section 17 of the Advocacy Law.

The applicant should be a fresh law graduate.

Practice certificate of first three years registered under section 22 of the Advocacy Law will be considered.

If the Junior Lawyers did not completed three years of their practice by the time G.O released, they will be eligible for the stipend for the remaining time.

Junior Advocates must submit affidavits every six months stating that they are active in the practice from Senior Lawyers having 15 years of experience or from the apical bar association.

If they leave the lawyer profession or if they find any other better job those details have to be submitted.

Their certificates must be with the bar council for two years after registering as a lawyer with the Bar Council

Only one person is eligible for a family.

Family in the sense Husband, Wife and Minor children.

Every applicant must have Aadhar Card.

Junior Lawyer must be below 35 years by the time G.O released.

They will not be eligible if they have completed three years of practice by the time G.O is released.

If Junior Lawyer has 4 vehicles they will be not eligible.

Non Practicing candidates will not be eligible.

Eligible candidates should apply through the website.

Birth Certificate should be uploaded along with the Law Certificate.

An affidavit of registration with the Bar Council should be uploaded with the assertion from a senior Lawyer

Along with the application, Aadhar Number should also be added

The prescribed bank details of the applicant should be added.

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