YS Jagan - A Huge Fan Of Balayya: Vijay Chander

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AP Government appointed Actor Vijay Chander as the Chairman of AP Film Development Corporation. To convey that current Chief Minister always maintained good relations with the Film Industry & Celebrities, Vijay Chander disclosed, 'Since his childhood, YS Jaganmohan Reddy has been an ardent movie buff. He was a huge fan of Balakrishna..used to celebrate in his home town whenever the films of Nandamuri Hero hit the screens. Akkineni Sumanth happens to be the classmate of YS Jagan. There were times when ANR caught Sumanth & Jagan redhanded when they arrived to home in the late night'.

Vijay Chander recalled his first meeting with YS Rajasekhar Reddy, 'When I was travelling in flight in the year 2003, YSR who was in the back seat patted on my back. I turned back and told him that he would become CM by 2004 and requested him to fulfill his wish if the prediction comes true. Then, YSR asked what was my wish. I told him about my desire to be FDC Chairman. YSR wasn't able to offer me that post during his first term as CM. In 2009, I had predicted that Congress will get 150 seats. After the elections, YSR shook my hand and wondered how was I able to predict correctly. Then, He promised to make Me FDC Chairman within 3 months but he passed away in a chopper crash. Today, Its been proven that he is still alive..Jagan fulfilled his Father's promise. I am very happy about it!'.  

This Senior Actor declared Film Development Corporation will take responsibility of offering all the permissions required for Film Shootings in Andhra Pradesh within 1 to 2 days. He also offered to extend support to the low-budget films in every possible manner.
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