Women Are Not Safe Because Of These People: Madhavi Latha

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TV10 channel has conducted a special discussion on the brutal incident of veterinarian Disha to which Tollywood actress Madhavi Latha has also attended. Madhavi shared one of her bad experiences in the show.

She said a Netizen's comment made her feel very bad. She even said, 'I witnessed how rapists look like'.

Going into the details, the actress said she posted on FaceBook questioning CM KCR on Disha's issue.

'Why are you not responding to brutal attacks on Girls in Telangana State? Why are you not responding? Why the culprits are not punished. How much more time does you take. Will you not punish them even after catching them. Do you respond only if this happens to girls of your family? Don't outsiders look like a girl to you? What's happening in the state?' read her post.

One user typed a very bad comment. 'What's your problem. People will kill if girls like you exist,' a user commented. She said she too gave a fitting reply to that rude user.

 'I have read and saw on TV about rapists. For the first time, I saw rapists look like you on FaceBook.The comment you made reveals your culture and how well your parents raised you,' she replied to that user.

She expressed her concern that women are not feeling safe just because of this kind of person.
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