Women Gets Harrased In In-Fligt Chat Sytem

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It has been reported that a woman got harassing messages from a group of men in an objectionable manner.

Jessica Van Meir, who is in her early twenties, told CNN that soon after taking a flight from London to Washington DC, she started receiving messages on Virgin Atlantic's in-flight entertainment system's screen.

Through the airline's in-flight entertainment system the passengers can watch films and TV, play games and send messages to fellow passengers.

The harassing messages reportedly came from a group of passengers who sat behind her.

While the first message mentioned her seat name and called her a "tidy babe".

Someone referring to themselves as “big d*** swinger” sent her a series of smiley faces.
"Welcome to hell" read another message.

For these messages, she responded, "I work for a law firm that specializes in online sexual harassment. Enjoy being reported to virgin."

A reply came for this as "Currently you are now in the danger zone."

She took to twitter to share her horrifying experience.

After getting the messages she reported the issue with the flight attendants, who sorted the issue the very next minute. The crew asked Meir if she wanted them to talk with the persons who messaged her. To which she agreed. the messages were stopped after that.

Meir told CNN that even after that she couldn't stop thinking about the incident.

She shouts down the replies who supported the men's behavior in the flight.
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