Another Crime During TDP Resign?

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Mamilapalli Deepthi is accused of ing mainly the unemployed youth and taking money from them. Earlier she collected more than 70 lakhs from people claiming that she works as PA in CMO office and will help with jobs and solve civil cases. Police are digging out her crimes one by one. During the reign of TDP, she got a contract of organizing the Anandalahari program in Guntur Corporation.

According to the media reports, she is a close aid of the Former Minister. Using this closeness she used to get small contracts in Guntur. Meanwhile, the Guntur Corporation has called the tenders to organize the Anandalahari program every Sunday in Guntur.
Deepthi too applied for the tender without having any previous experience. Other organizers have also applied for the tender. Reportedly former Minister called the Corporation officers and ordered to give the tender to Deepthi. The Corporation paid almost 60,000 every week for the program. But she used to spend only 20,000 for the program and the poorly organized program sparkled criticism on the program. Srikesh Lathkar became the Commissioner of the Corporation and has stopped the bills for the program stating that this program is a scam.
To grant the bills she reportedly went to an officer who came on transfer, who earlier worked in the same corporation. Currently, the bill payment is still pending.
To know more details of the scams we may have to wait some more days.

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