Will This Young Leader Be the Next PCC chief?

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The Congress may be dillydallying on appointing PCC chiefs in Telangana and Maharashtra. It may be working to choose the right person. But, when it comes to Karnataka, the party high command seems to have made its decision. The party leaders feel that Vokkaliga strongman and party's trouble-shooter DK Sivakumara is the right choice.

If highly placed sources within the Congress are to be believed, the Congress leadership has decided to make him the KPCC chief. Sivakumara, who has monetary strength and as the derring do to take on the BJP, is all set to be anointed PCC chief. Sivakumara has shown his mettle in Karnataka government formation and in the election of Ahmed Patel to the Rajya Sabha. He has also helped the party win in Kerala by strategising in the state. As Vokkaliga leader, he is seen as a perfect foil for the Devegowda family, which till now is being seen as the first family of the politically powerful community. Sivakumara has also helped the party by mobilising funds in a big way.

The party high command, it appears, has effectively silenced Siddaramaiah and paved way for Sivakumara. Siddaramaiah was staunchly opposed to Sivakumara and wanted the post for himself. However, the High Command felt that being a Vokkaliga and a firebrand leader weigh in favour of Sivakumara. A formal announcement is soon expected.
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