Will TDP-turned-TRS MLAs listen to KCR's advice?

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 Will TDP turned TRS MLAs listen to KCRs adviceAlarmed by the spate of incidents involving the revenue officials, especially the tehsildars over land disputes, Telangana CM KCR has reportedly asked all the MLAs of his party to lay off land disputes. He told them in clear terms that they should not be involved in land disputes of any kind.  He told them that in several parts of Telangana, there are multiple claims over the same chunk of land and that MLAs should not side with one of the contending parties. They should keep off these disputes, he said and asked them to ensure that even their family members are not involved in land disputes of any kind.

He reportedly referred to the immolation of Abdullapurmet tehsildar Vijaya Reddy and said that a present and a former MLA, both from the ruling party, were linked to the dispute. This reflects badly on the party's image he said.  Taking a serious note of the incident, he told the MLAs to keep of land disputes.  He has also taken note of at least more than ten incidents in which people have threatened the tehsildars of dire consequences if they failed to do justice to them in land disputes.

But, with most political leaders involved in land disputes, one wonders how effective KCR's warnings would be. Several politicians in Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, especially five leaders from the TDP, who have of late joined the TRS, are known for their deep involvement in land deals, own hundreds of acres of land. One MLA is directly involved in land deals. It remains to be seen how effective KCR’s warnings would be.
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