Will Sye Raa Release On The Date They Announced?

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The question about any big film in Telugu Film Industry is that, "Will they release on the date they have announced?"

Baahubali-1 had three to four postponements but Baahubali-2 came on date. NTR Mahanayakudu had two date changes too.

In Tamil Cinema, any given film is unable to release on the date, these days, except if it is a Ajith, Vijay or Rajnikanth film. They are facing a different kind of crisis altogether.

In Telugu Cinema, we did face such challenging times three to four years ago when Satellite market crashed and with digital streaming coming up now, producers are trying to plan better.

Even if it is a Rajni film, one thing that we still are unsure about is that VFX work. Hollywood studios start planning one year ahead and release funds systematically to complete film 3 months prior to release.

They start previews and call for review writer screenings 2 weeks prior to release. Some do that one week or few days before. They created system that works better for them to plan worldwide release on the date they planned and in some cases, they announce postponement or preponement 5-6 months in advance.

Here, VFX is still a problem that we are unable to solve. Major problem is that we don't have a studio system and independent producers have to bring funds from market or elsewhere to make things happen.

No matter how well and long you plan, VFX companies either take their own time or we just hold back because of fund clearance issues. Saaho and Sye Raa, might not being having funds issues, but they might have not planned everything as per requirement.

At the last minute, Saaho postponed to next available date and Sye Raa could go that way is the latest news. Ram Charan wants the release on 2nd October and Chiranjeevi is looking after the works in his absence.

But Industry insiders say that Venky Mama is looking to take that date if Sye Raa will take time. We are also unable to pinpoint and say that there will be a postponement for sure or release on the date for sure as we are getting mixed signals from the team, themselves.