Will Sonia Campaign In Haryana, Maharashtra Elections?

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The Congress is faced with a classic dilemma again. Will Sonia Gandhi campaign for the elections in Haryana and Maharashtra? In both the states, the Congress is down in the dumps and is ravaged by groupism. The party leadership in these two states is thoroughly demoralised. In both the states, there are no star campaigners. So, Sonia Gandhi has to campaign for the party in these two poll-bound state.

However, Sonia Gandhi did not campaign for the party after 2017. She had not campaigned even during the 2019 general elections due to ill health. The only star campaigner for the party in 2019 general elections was Rahul Gandhi. After the elections, Rahul has resigned from his president's post and has largely taken a back seat. He may not campaign for the party in the assembly elections.

That leaves only Sonia Gandhi as the star campaigner for the party. Will she be able to campaign this time? Does her health condition permit her to go through the rough and tumble of the election campaigning? Let's wait and see how things unfold!!
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