Will Siddu Accept Rahul Gandhi's Suggestion?

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The Congress, it appears, has come up with a formula to solve the problem of dissidence in Karnataka unit. The unit is beset with intense groupism and former CM and Kuruba leader Siddaramaiah is being accused  of fomenting trouble in the party. So, the party wants him to come to the National politics. Highly placed sources in the Congress Party revealed that the offer has come from no less a person than Rahul Gandhi himself.

In fact, Siddaramaiah has been given this offer even earlier. He was asked by the Congress national leadership to shift to the national politics. But, Siddhu declined the offer saying that he is not conversant in Hindi and that without a fair amount of fluency in Hindi, a politician from South India cannot make his mark. He said he was more interested in playing his role at the State level. After the Lok Sabha elections, he has been repeatedly accused by several Congressmen of trying to crush his political rivals within the party. Similarly, even the Janata Dal Secular, with which the Congress shared power for over 14 months, too has accused Siddu of fomenting trouble.

Will Siddaramaiah accept Rahul Gandhi's offer? Or will he stick to the state politics and play his part at the local level? Well, let's wait and see how things unfold in Karnataka. Last heard. Siddhu is all set to meet both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi very soon.
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