Will She End Up As A Wink And A Miss?

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Many girls are cute and some of them are comfortable in front of camera and few are skilled to emote and out of them, one or two get opportunities to make it big, by being a model or an actress.

But media does take the Internet attention too seriously, as they want to fill up their spaces and catch people's attention.  

When Priya Prakash Varrier broke the Internet as "Wink" Girl, many had no doubt about her cuteness and beauty factors.

But just on that nobody can build a career and hence, without watching her skills in Lovers Day, Telugu title of her debut film, saying that she could be next big thing in Telugu seems, taking a bit too easy.

Making a film or making it big in films, is not as easy as being able to find some traction for a shot or an expression.

She did face lot of criticism for her looks next and her statements too, became controversial, as media just tried to give too much attention to her. Lets see the movie and then decide, what she is capable off, before hyping up or writing off, het.
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