Will Sabitha Indrareddy Resign From Congress On March 9?

After MLAs Rega Kantarao and Atram Sakku gone, is the Congress in for another huge shock? Will Rangareddy district's strongest leader Sabitha Indra Reddy ditch the party on the very day when Rahul Gandhi will address a public meeting in Chevella. Incidentally, Chevella is Sabitha's citadel for decades. If this happens, then the whole Congress show will flop badly.

Sabitha is said to be upset over the Congress party giving full responsibility of holding Rahul Gandhi's public meeting to MP Konda Visweswara Reddy. She has no responsibility of conducting the meeting or even managing the dais. This has greatly upset her and she and her son Karthik Reddy have boycotted the all-important meeting of the party held on Wednesday. The meeting was a preparatory for the March 9 visit of Rahul Gandhi to Chevella.

Ever since the Telangana assembly elections, both Sabitha and her son Karthik are upset with the Congress leadership. They are unhappy as Karthik Reddy was not given the Rajendranagar seat. Initially, Reddy even though of fighting as a rebel, but later opted out. But, the animosity remained. Now, the mother-son due is trying to take revenge on the Congress leader by staying away from the preparatory meet. If they skip Rahul Gandhi's public meeting, then it would be a direct challenge to the party leadership. Will Sabitha show the gumption or fall in line? Let's wait and see.