Will Rahul Gandhi Become Congress President Again?

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Is Rahul Gandhi ready to take over the reins of the Congress party again? If highly placed Congress sources are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi, who has resigned following the crushing defeat of the Congress Party in the Lok Sabha elections, is likely to become the Congress president again after the crushing defeat of the party in Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections. He is likely to take over from Sonia Gandhi, whose health is making it difficult for her to tour the country, by the end of the year.

There is a strong buzz within the Congress to make Priyanka Gandhi the party president. But, sources close to 10 Janpath say that Sonia wants Priyanka to focus primarily on the all-important Uttar Pradesh and let Rahul Gandhi focus on the rest of the country. Rahul Gandhi is all set to take over as the party president at the Udaypur meeting of the party, which would be held in December. On Wednesday, Sonia Gandhi created a Policy and Strategy Group comprising 17 members. It includes several young leaders, who belong to Rahul Gandhi's inner coterie. This is an indication that Rahul Gandhi is going to play a crucial role again.

After the crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi had resigned as the party president and has gone on foreign tours at least twice. He has shown little interest in the party affairs ever since. He had not attended several key meetings. It was left to an ailing Sonia Gandhi to take control of the party and do some damage control. But, now with the BJP set to win both the states, the Congress Party feels that it needs a fulltime active president who can inspire the workers and motivate the organisation. So, Rahul Gandhi is back.
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