Will PK's Tweet Makes Twitter Lift Suspension?

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Twitter suspended around 400 Twitter Handles of Jana Sena Party citing violation of guidelines. This include, JSP's Official Social Media handle Shatagni.

Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter on Wednesday to express his dissatisfaction over the action taken by the Micro-Blogging Site. 'I don't understand the reason for suspending 400 twitter accounts of Jana Sena supporters.The reason behind the suspension of these accounts; just for standing by helpless people and their issues? And how do we understand this?#BringBackJSPSocialMedia,' he questioned.

Jana Sena Supporters have been retweeting the post of Pawan Kalyan and trending the hashtag #BringBackJSPSocialMedia. They believe their campaign would make Twitter withdraw the stringent action taken by it as per its policy.

Jana Sainiks need to keep in mind that whether its Twitter or Facebook or any other social media handle, They have specific guidelines and won't change them for the sake of any Individual or Organisation. This situation wouldn't have arised had if Pawan Kalyan guided his Followers to refrain from posting controversial stuff. What is the use of making a hue & cry after the damage has happened?
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