Will PK join JDS now?

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He may be a poll wizard and may have helped many a leader, including YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, to win the elections. But, he himself seems to have not learnt any politics. Yes, We are talking about Prashant Kishore. He is finding politics very tough to understand. It is not anything like the advices he had given.

He joined the JDU. But, soon he fell out with Nitish Kumar and the Bihar CM had actually booted him out. Prashant Kishore is not welcome in any party these days. He tried to approach the Trinamool Congress Party in West Bengal. But, the TMC wants his serves but not him. Now, the latest news about him is that he has approached the JDS in Karnataka. But, it is not clear whether the JDU will accept him. Sources say that he would soon meet former CM HD Kumaraswamy and discuss the issue. Interestingly, the sources could not specify the date and place of the proposed meeting.

Quite curiously, some sections in the JDS wanted to seek his advice, but Kumaraswamy firmly put his foot down and vetoed the proposals. So, why would Kumaraswamy want Prashant Kishore at this stage when the elections are at least three years away? Quite significantly, neither Devegowda nor Kumaraswamy have commented on this issue so far.
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