Will North Telangana Become BJP Stronghold?

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The political scenario in Mancherial district is changing very fast. The BJP, which till now was a dud in the local politics, is suddenly sprung to life. Several developments have come handy for the party and it is now poised for a take off. There is renewed interest in the BJP after the party has come back to power for a second time. The party has managed to perform extremely well in Telangana by winning four MP seats.

Also, joining by senior Congress man and powerful Dalit leader G Vivek is adding strength to the party. Vivek represented Peddapally LS seat and has lot of influence n the area. Due to all these, several leaders from various parties are now making a beeline to the BJP. Several of Vivek's supporters in Bellampally and Chennuru segments are all set to join the BJP. The former municipal chairpersons of Bellampalli and several of his supporters are going to join the BJP soon.

Sources say, Vivek would emerge as the strongest leader in this region. He is likely to bring in leaders from other parties into the BJP. .