Will Mahesh Play an Officer In SSMB27?

Mahesh Babu has been staying away from films that showcase him in more massy roles and been acting in roles that show him as a person who has crores and from a wealthy family.

His next film with Anil Ravipudi, won't have him in such a role but will have him in a role who has sense of humour.

After that film, he will be seen as an Indian officer who could crack how a person could fraud banks for millions and will chase him out from the different countries, he is hiding.

Parasuram wrote this script as a character piece that will follow the character of the hero and his abilities. His biggest success will come when he is able to find the trail of a man on the run.

For this film, Villain role will also be very key and it will be a battle two intelligent persons in second hour, it seems.

Parasuram took Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi as inspirations to create a villain character and even took references of Harshad Mehta, Krushi Bank chief to design the story it seems.

Mahesh will hear a second narration to confirm the film, once he is back from his vacation.