Will Jagan abolish legislative council?

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Is Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy planning to abolish the legislative council? The TDP is worried that YS Jagan, who is very mercurial when it comes to planning his moves, could abolish the council to ensure that the TDP would not be able to stall his plans on Amaravati and CRDA.

There are reports that Jagan is planning to amend the CRDA act and bring in Vizag and Kurnool under its purview. However, the TDP, which has a majority in the legislative council, could stall this proposal.  It can send the bill to the select committee to delay the proposal. It can even suggest some amendments and send it back to the assembly. The Assembly will have to pass it again and send it back to the council. The council has the option to reject it again. After two rejections, the assembly can have the bill passed despite opposition in the council. All this would mean several months of delay.  Also, the council could put spokes in everything that the Jagan government does.

So, highly placed sources say that Jagan is seriously contemplating the abolition of the council. Interestingly, it was NTR who abolished the council. It was left to YS Rajasekhara Reddy to bring it back into life. Now, Jagan may end up doing an NTR on the council.
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