Will BJP Pair Up With Pawan In Telangana Too?

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Is the BJP in Telangana pinning all its hopes on Pawan Kalyan? Is is planning to have him campaign for the party in the upcoming GHMC elections? It appears so as there is a hot buzz that Telangana BJP chief Dr K Laxman has planned a key meeting with the Jana Sena chief. The upcoming polls to the GHMC are likely to figure in the meeting.

Sources in the BJP say that for the next three years, there will not be any major polls and this period could be effectively used to build the party in the state. The party feels that if Pawan Kalyan campaigns for the party, the party's prospects would vastly improve and that it would be able to give the ruling TRS a run for its money. Sources also said that the issue had come up in the party meeting held on Tuesday and that the party had authorised Dr Laxman to hold discussions with Pawan Kalyan. The BJP is upbeat over the fact that the TRS popularity is going down despite the recent victory and that the TRS vote share did not increase significantly. The BJP also feels it did very well in the corporations and urban centres. If Pawan campaigns for the party, it would add to the party's strength in a significant way.

After his recent Delhi visit, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had met the state BJP leaders in Hyderabad and discussed various issues. Soon after this, the BJP leaders of Telangana met the other day and decided to take their relations to the next level. It remains to be seen how things move and how all these will benefit the BJP in Telangana.
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