Why no one likes this district collector?

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Srikakulam district collector Nivas is in the eye of a storm. There are large-scale protests from the government employees about his behaviour. The employees of the revenue, panchayat, water works and several other departments are up in arms against him. They have even held a meeting the other day to slam his high handed behaviour.

The main grouse against the collector is that he holds video conferences late in the night and continues it for several hours. The video conferences are used only to hurl abuses at the officers. They say that the collector abuses them to no end and stops only when he feels exhausted. The officials and the staff say that they have no time for their personal lives because of these late night video conferences. They say that the collector's behaviour is deeply demoralising and upsetting.

"we have worked under several collectors and all of them have been very courteous and sporting. But, the present collector is abusing us to no end. We want a full stop to this harassment," said an official on condition of anonymity.
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