Why no TRS leader wants to pick up a phone?

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The TRS leaders these days are very cagey about making phone calls. They have strong evidence that their calls are being tapped. Many of the party leaders got an earful from no less a person than KCR himself about the contents of their telephonic conversations with their closest friends. Even private conversations are leaking. Several leaders were questioned about the contents of the private conversations they had with others. The leaders are shocked to know that even Whatsapp conversations are known to KCR.

Since then, the party leaders have stopped talking to other leaders over phone. They are not even using the Whatsapp messages fearing that even they could leak. So, there are instances where the leaders were found using the phone of their drivers or personal attendants to make calls. Some leaders have decided not to speak anything on phone and speak only in person as that is the safest way to communicate.

Several dissident ministers and MLAs, whose loyalties are suspect, are being very careful these days while speaking. Recently, KTR reportedly chided a minister saying he knew what he was telling his ministerial colleagues and party leaders. The minister had to literally keep his mouth shut throughout the meeting.
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