Why ministers are not using bullet proof cars?

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The security wing of the Telangana Government is unhappy over the growing trend of the Telangana ministers to abandon the bullet proof vehicles provided to them and travel in their own high-end cars, which are both fast and furious. This indescrition is leading to road mihaps and security lapses. The security wing is taking a serious view of this and has reportedly approached the CM on the issue.

Several ministers like Puvvada Ajay, Errabelli Dayakar Rao and Srinivas Goud are finding the bullet proof Fortuners given to them inconvenient and not luxurious enough. So, they are shifting into their own cars leaving the bullet proof vehicles to their associates. This is a serious security lapse. Recently, Errabelli's convoy met with a massive accident, in which two persons died and three suffered injuries. The mishap occurred because the minister's high end car went at a very high speed leaving the convoy behind. In order to catch up with the minister, the convoy speeded up and the steering went out of control.

It is being said that the Chief Minister has advised the ministers to only travel in  bullet proof cars and not in their personal vehicles. He reportedly told them that lapses would be viewed seriously.
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