Why is VHP silent on Ayodhya verdict?

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The Ayodhya verdict is out and everyone is rejoicing at the kind of verdict that the court gave. Most leaders have commented on the verdict. Starting from PM Modi down to interlocutor Sri Sri Ravi Sankar everyone had spoken. Even those criticising the verdict such as Jafaryab Jeelani and Asaduddin Owaisi have also spoken. But, where is the VHP? There is no comment from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which has actually spearheaded the movement. No functionary of the VHP has spoken on the verdict.

In fact, it was VHP, which has popularised the movement and Ashok Singhal, the international president of the VHP, was the architect of the movement. In fact, most of the programmes like Ram Sila Pujan, Ram Paduka Pujan, Ashthi Kalash Yatra, which have taken the movement to the nook and corner of the country were planned and carried out by the VHP. But, there was no official comment from the VHP. What more, some key leaders like Sadhvi Ritambhara, whose incendiary speeches have galvanised the youth in a big way and strengthened the Ayodhya movement, too was silent. Former UP CM Kalyan Singh, during whose government, the disputed structure was brought down by the Karsevaks, too was silent on the verdict. No comment has come from him too.

One wonders why there is no official statement from the VHP. Of course, renegade VHP leader Pravin Togadia, who has been ousted from the VHP after he fell foul with the RSS top brass, did comment and he criticised the giving of five acres to the Muslims. In fact, it was the RSS, which set the tone for the Hindu reaction and the VHP was completely silent. Wonder what happened?
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