Why Was Modi Absent During CAB Debate?

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One interesting debate that is raging at the national level these days is over the absence of Narendra Modi in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha during the debate on the crucial Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019.  It was entirely an Amit Shah show. He was the chief speaker and the mover in Lok Sabha as well as Rajya Sabha. He was the minister who piloted the bill and fiercely backed it in both the houses. Strangely, Modi was not seen in both the houses.

Many feel that Modi is clearly trying to project Amit Shah as the next leader in the party. Hence he is allowing Amit Shah to take the centre stage and get all the attention both among the public and the media. This will clearly establish him as the No 2 in the party and in the government. In case Modi has to pass on the mantle, then Amit Shah will be the clear choice for the party. Secondly, since this bill has international ramifications and could affect India's relationship with both Afghanistan and Bangladesh, Modi wants Amit Shah to do the dirty job so that he could project himself as a statesman. This will ensure that the personal equations between Modi and the leaders of these nations remain unaffected.

According to some, Modi is aware of the backlash that the CAA could whip up in the country and wants stay clear of this. On the one hand,   he is pushing for the bill, but at the same time wants Amit Shah to be the scapegoat if something goes wrong. The Sishya (Amit Shah) is ever willing to take the blame for his Guru (Narendra Modi).
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