Why Vijay Sai Reddy wants action against these two newspapers?

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YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP V Vijaysai Reddy has served a breach-of-privileges notice on Telugu newspapers Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi, which he claimed have published false and baseless stories aimed at tarnishing his image. The complaint to this effect was submitted to the Privileges committee of Parliament and the Lok Sabha speaker.

It may be recalled that both the Telugu newspapers have published baseless reports that he was chided at the All-Party meeting ahead of Lok Sabha sessions. He said this was without any basis and was aimed at showing him in poor light. He said in his complaint that the two papers and their respective reporters did not follow the basic journalistic ethic of seeking his version of the story. He demanded that their entry passes into Parliament be cancelled immediately. Vijaysai's strong action and his stern demand for revoking the entry passes of the two media persons has stunned the two media houses. Their story is at best a guess and there is no basis for it, sources said.

He said the news was not just wrong, but also was aimed at tarnishing his image and that of the Parliamentary system itself. He wanted that strong action be taken against the reporters of the two newspapers.
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