Why VH, Ponnala were left out of Congress delegation?

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The Congress, which initially backed the RTC strike, backed off later and stopped talking about it. When RTC fares were hiked, there was not even a murmur of protest from the Congress Party. When Disha was brutally raped and murdered, there was no reaction from the Congress. Not one leader took to the streets to protest. Even in Samatha's case in Komram Bheem Asifabad district, the Congress remained largely silent. This clearly showed that the Congress is completely moribund and paralysed in the state.

But, there is one thing in which the Congress is revelling. It is in the game of self destruction. Yes. Even while being inactive on public activity front, the party leaders are busy back-biting, back-stabbing and other such political ploys. For instance, when the Congress delegation went to meet Governor Tamilisai Saundararajan on the issue of Disha rape, BC leaders V Hanumanth Rao and Ponnala Laxmaiah were no allowed in. Though they were present along with the delegation, the Raj Bhavan staff stopped them saying that their names were not included in the delegation. Those who had prepared the list, have not just omitted them, but also failed to inform them. As a result, there was a huge embarrassment for these two BC leaders. Incidentally, both were former PCC chiefs and were former ministers.

Was this a deliberate act to belittle them? Was it an unintentional omission? No one has come forward to clarify. The result? The two BC leaders went back sulking and simmering, while the leaders, most of them belonging to one particular social group, went into Raj Bhavan for their cuppa.
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