Why TDP Leaders Are Doing Rounds of YSRCP Offices

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Several TDP leaders these days are doing rounds of the YSRCP leaders Sounds unbelievable? But this is true. They may be arch political rivals, but many mandal and village level TDP leaders are these days doing rounds of YSRCP leaders. The reason? They want their bills passed. They have done several works in various government departments at the mandal and village level. But, during Chandrababu regime, these bills could not be passed because of the election code. Also, Chandrababu diverted every rupee to pay for Pasupu Kumkuma and other similar vote-catching schemes. The local leaders were told to wait till the elections were over.

But, to their shock, Chandrababu received the worst drubbing possible and the government has now passed into the hands of the YSRCP. So, the TDP leaders, who did contracts for various government departments are  doing rounds of YSRCP leaders asking them to clear the bills. These TDP leaders are said to be offering handsome amounts as commissions. They are asking the YSRCP leaders to forget the past and cooperate with them.  Some of them have even gone to the extent of saying that they would join the YSRCP if it meant early clearance of the bills.
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