Why Prostrate Before Andhra Swamis?

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Of late, Swamis and seers are becoming topics of hot political debate in both the Telugu states. The CMs of both the states are queuing up before the seers and are not hesitating even to prostrate before them. Telangana CM KCR is coming for special criticism for falling head over heels to please the Swamis.

Interestingly, most of these Swamijis are of Andhra origin. Are there no seers in Telangana, ask some critics. Till recently, primacy was given to Chinna Jeeyar Swami. Suddenly, the focus has shifted to Sarada Peetam seer Swaroopananda. Interestingly, both are of Andhra origin.

In the recent programme organised at Vijayawada, both the Telugu CMs were in attendance. The way Sarada Peetam seer praised KCR has raised hackles. Many are questioning KCR's visits to seers and mutts. They want KCR to focus on governance and administration rather ran making a beeline to Swamis. Many are wondering why KCR, who was a virulent critic of anything Andhra once, is prostrating before Andhra swamys. Are there no swamys in Telangana?

After all, KCR has been given a mandate to govern and not to prostrate before Swamis. Isn't it time he focuses on governance and stop falling on all fours before these saffron robed sanyasis?