Why Modi Wants Jagan?

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Are the BJP and the YSRCP inching closer? YS Jagan's hour-and-a-half log meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the hottest topic of discussion. Analysts say that the meeting on economic issues such as fund allocations can be completed within just 20 minutes. Yet, the meeting went on for nearly 90 minutes. This only means that deep political issues were discussed. After the economic issues were discussed, Jagan has sent his team out and had a one-on-one with Modi. It is also rare for Modi to give so much time to any politician these days.

Sources believe that the issue of coming together could have been discussed in detail. The YSRCP is likely to increase its tally in Rajya Sabha to six from the present two very soon as the term of the TDP members from the state is coming to an end. Modi needs Jagan's support in the Rajya Sabha to get key bills passed. In lieu of this , Jagan may have raised the issue of abolition of the legislative council and funds for Polavaram, sources say.

In another significant pointer to the growing proximity between the two parties, YS Jagan is said to have invited Modi to Andhra Pradesh to take part in the Ugadi celebrations. The AP government is planning to give house pattas to the houseless on the occasion of Ugadi on March 25.
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