Why Kumaraswamy Is Turning Pro BJP?

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What is behind the sudden change of tone of former Karnataka CM and Janata Dal Secular chief HD Kumaraswamy?  Kumara, who till recently tried every trick in the trade to hold on to power against BJP machinations, is now turning out to be a supporter of the BJP. He says his party will stand by the BJP if needed and would ensure that the Yeddiyurappa government does not fall. Why has he changed his stand suddenly?

Political pundits say that Kumaraswamy's change of stance is guided by real politic. He has come to know of the BJP plans to break up his party the JDS. At least 15 of his MLAs are already in talks with the BJP. If these MLAs leave en masse, it would be deemed a split and the breakaway faction can merge into the BJP, giving it the required numbers to rule for the rest of the four years. To prevent the split, Kumaraswamy himself announced his support to Yeddiyurappa. With this, the dissident JDS MLAs will have no reason to leave the party.

Thus, in one stroke, Kumaraswamy has put paid the BJP plans to divide his party. At the same time, he has also put a check on the dissident plans. So, its two birds in one stroke for Kumaraswamy. A master stroke indeed.
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