Why Is Chandrababu So Silent These Days?

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Chandrababu is known to respond very quickly to any criticism. But, quite strangely, Chandrababu has remained tightlipped to the recent IT raids on the people close to him. His former PA was raided. His family friend has been raided and the son of a former minister from Guntur, known for his proximity to Chandrababu has also been raided. Yet, Chandrababu Naidu is silent. Not just that he has not met the media ever since the raids. This is strange and very unlike Chandrababu Naidu.

Even while the raids were going on, Chandrababu remained silent. He has not even bothered to issue a clarification. Only some of his close acolytes in the media tried to offer some tame explanations. Interestingly, instead of talking about the raids, he tweeted comments strongly opposing the YSRCP government's policies.  It is now emerging that a national media has tried to contact Chandrababu Naidu for his clarification on these raids. But, Chandrababu chose not to respond. The media house then sent him an e-mail. But, there was no reply.

Sources close to Chandrababu Naidu say that he is now holding serious discussions with legal brains over how to face the cases if and when they are booked against him.
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