Why Has TRS Shifted Its Candidates To Camps?

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Every exit poll says the TRS will win the civic body polls across Telangana hands down. Even the rivals BJP and the Congress admit to it. They say their fight is only for the second position. The TRS spent huge amounts and paid up to Rs 5000 per vote. It has marshalled all its resources and even used the police and the administration to its advantage. Yet, it is cagey and circumspect about the results.

In several places, independents and rebels seem to have done lot of damage to the TRS. Hence, across Telangana, the TRS has shifted its candidates across the state to various camps in neighbouring districts. In most places, the candidates have been asked to send their nominees to the counting centres. In Ramagundam, the TRS has already shifted all its candidates to a camp. In Adilabad, minister Jogu Ramanna has shifted all his candidates to neighbouring Maharashtra. Ditto with Mancherial, Laxettipet and Dharmapuri municipalities. In Metpalli, Kothapalli, Raikal, Bellampalli and Choppadandi too, the candidates have been shifted to safer places. The Congress to appears to have taken cue and has shifted its candidates in Choutuppal, Chityal, Yadagirigutta, Halia and Bhongir to farm houses in Guntur and Krishna districts.

The TRS is also keeping a tab on the phone calls of these candidates and is monitoring the situation closely. These candidates will be brought to their constituencies only after January 27 to elect their chairperson. The idea is to ensure that none of the winners defect and join hands with the rivals.
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