Why Harish Rao Was Made A Minister?

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Has KCR realised that he cannot put down Harish Rao anymore? Has he realised that trying to crush Harish Rao could prove counter-productive to himself and his party? Has he realised that if he continues to ignore Harish Rao, he could join hands with the BJP and could prove very lethal for the TRS? It appears so.

KCR, who behaved like a despot all these days, appears to have suddenly realised that ignoring or marginalising Harish Rao could be done only at his own peril. Harish out of ministry could be more dangerous  than Harish inside the ministry, he realised.  With pin-pricks like Etela episode, Rasamayi Balkishan's comments, Yadadri pillar controversy happening by each passing day, KCR appears to have realised that having Harish on his side is important. If Harish Rao is continued to be ignored, he might make common cause with the disgruntled elements in the TRS and then join hands with the BJP to pose bigger challenge to his son KTR. So, KCR decided to course-correct and have Harish in his cabinet.

Also, Harish has proved his mettle by winning Siddipet and Medak Lok Sabha seats with stupendous majority, while KTR's Karimnagar was lost to a BJP lightweight like Bandi Sanjay. Also, Nizamabad too was lost. So, KTR's capacity to steer the party to a convincing victory appears doubtful. At this juncture, Harsih Rao has to be brought into the party. So, KCR ate his humble pie and recalled Harish into the ministry and gave him such an important post as Finance.

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