Why Government is collecting Taxes only From Temples: Pawan Kalyan

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Actor-turned-politician Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan echoed the voice of head priest of Chilkuru Balaji, Shri Rangarajan and questioned AP and Telangana governments for collecting taxes from only Hindu temples.

Rangarajan and Pawan Kalyan found fault with the Secular governments collecting almost one-third of the revenue of the Temples in the form of taxes. Pawan also mentioned other communities like Churches and Mosques not pay a single rupee as tax.

The duo has no problem with the government increasing the subsidies for the pilgrims going to Jerusalem and Haj but they are not happy with the governments collecting huge taxes from Temples.

They came up with taxes and explained how much percentage was applied to temple revenues. 23.5 percent of taxes were laid on temples. 15 percent as Endowment Tax and 2 percent Audit free and another 2 percent as Common Goof Fund. Adding to these, the Priests Welfare Fund and other taxes are reducing the incomes of the temples largely.

"As per Article 26 and 27, the governments should not tax on revenues of Religious Organizations. Then why only Temples are being taxed. Please answer to this simple question," said Shri Rangarajan.
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