Why Does The BJP Wants Governor Narasimhan To Go

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The Telangana BJP, it appears, is hell bent on removing Governor ESL Narasimham. Not that this is a new demand. In fact, Dr Laxman had voiced this long ago and even Somu Virraju of Andhra Pradesh BJP too wanted to see the back of ESL Narasimhan.

Their main grouse is that the Governor is too pro-TRS to be ignored. He has been favouring the TRS to no end, they argue.  Till now, the Central leadership of the party has pushed their demand under the carpet as it felt that ESL was needed as AP and T Governor in view of the tensed up relations between Chandrababu and KCR. Now that Jagan and KCR have very good relations, ESL is not needed, the BJP feels. It has already taken up the issue with the Central leadership saying that both the states can now have separate Governors.

The BJP is miffed that the Governor heaps praise on the TRS government even when not needed. Also, he overlooks its acts of omission and commission. A case in point is Governor's praise of the vice chancellors of Telangana. The BJP feels that the VCs do not deserve any praise as there are over 700 vacancies in the universities in the state and the educational standards are going down. So, they now want the Centre to send ESL Narasimhan packing.

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