Why Do You Ask Me About Special Status?: Pawan

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On Thursday, A crucial meeting took place between Jana Sena Party and BJP Leaders at the Fortune Murali Park Hotel in Vijayawada. Both the parties held a press conference post the meeting.

Mediapersons questioned Pawan Kalyan how would he justify his move of extending support to BJP which denied Special Category Status. Journalists even reminded Powerstar about his 'stale laddus' jibe on BJP over offering Special Assistance to AP. This is how PK responded, 'Why do you ask Me about Special Category Status? Telugu Desam Party which was in power from 2014 to 2019 has to be held responsible for the denial of Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. There could have been a positive outcome had if they fought for it sincerely. YCP which is now in power have 22 MP Seats. TDP, on the other hand, have 3 MP Seats. Those two parties will have to take responsibility of Special Status'.

Looks like, Pawan Kalyan has given up Special Category Status for his political future. He might have reached a conclusion that Jana Sena can't survive without the backing of a financially sound party like BJP. Who knows, PK may even merge the party with the BJP in future and blame YCP-TDP for his failure.

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