Why Did Ayyanna Patrudu Use Such Abusive Language?

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Frustration seems to be mounting for the TDP leaders ever since the party lost power. The leaders of the party are yet to come to terms with the loss of power. More and more leaders are using unprintably abusive language to snipe at the TDP. In the process, they are ending up making a joke of themselves.

First it was Atchen Naidu. He abused the police during the Chalo Atmakuru rally and ended up with cases slapped against him. Another senior TDP hand, Nannapaneni Rajakumari too abused the cops during the rally. Now it's the turn of former minister and TDP leader Ayyanna Patrudu to do the same. On Tuesday, he used highly objectionable and unprintable language against the officials and the YSRCP ministers. He hurled invectives at will. He said the police were behaving like rowdies. He termed Jagan's rule as a madcap's rule.

The unprintable abuses only show the amount of desperation in the TDP leaders. The TDP leaders appear to be very worried that cases could be filed against them and that Chandrababu might not come to their rescue as in the case of Kodela. This is making them very nervous. Ayyanna said that Kodela Siva Prasad ended his life due to the harassment by the YSRCP government. This statement has only betrayed the TDP leaders' anxieties, say political watchers.
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