Why Delhi Scribes Are After KCR?

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Telangana Chief Minister KCR may be the lord of all he surveys in his state. He can control information, set the agenda, tame behemoths like the RTC JAC and do all other things. But, in Delhi, his writ does not run. He realised then on Tuesday night when he reached Delhi airport. The media scribes, who were waiting for him, pounced upon him and tried to get his comments on the gruesome rape and murder of Disha. A shocked KCR left the airport in a huff, while his security personnel had a tough time warding off the mediapersons.

The media correspondents sought to know how KCR found time to attend a wedding function in Delhi but did not have any time to call on the parents of the ill-fated girl, who was gangraped and murdered near Shamshabad toll gate. KCR had no answer for this and tried to be evasive. His security personnel requested the media to disperse. This led to a minor wordy duel with reporters trying to get closer to KCR.

Interestingly, the Telugu media in the state did not choose to publish any report about the Delhi incident. They have completely blacked it out. However, the English dailies published from Hyderabad have carried reports on the incident.
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