Why Congress Is Not Taking Action On Komatireddy?

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Though Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy has criticised the Congress, its leadership and especially its Telangana affairs in-charge RC Khuntia, the party is in no mood to take any strong action against him. The party has just issued a notice to Rajagopal Reddy. The party appears not serious about initiating any action against him.

Many feel this exposes the weakness of the organisational infrastructure of the Congress. Despite his comments, the party seems to be in no mood to take stern action against Komatireddy. The Congress has already lost several MLAs and does not intend to lose more, these sections say. However, if another strong section is to be believed, the Congress is ignoring Rajagopal Reddy as part of its strategy. If Rajagopal Reddy is expelled from the party, he will  easily walk into the BJP fol. The Congress cannot even seek his disqualification. Hence, the party does not want to give him that advantage. If while being in the Congress, Rajagopal Reddy joins the BJP, the party can invoke provisions of the anti-defection law and seek his disqualification. So, the party is doing nothing and is not intending to take any action against him.
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