Why CPI, TJS are angry with TDP?

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The CPI and the Telangana Jana Samiti are angry with the Congress for not giving them the seats they want. But, more than the Congress, they are angry with the TDP. The reason? The TDP, which has a cadre base and has won 15 seats during the 2014 elections, has settled for just 12 seats. If one combines the five seats that the BJP had won in alliance with the TDP, the TDP should claim at least 20 seats. But the BJP is content with just 12 seats. It is ready walk the extra mile to have an alliance with the Congress. The TDP feels that it needs the Congress support to stay afloat.

With TDP itself agreeying for 12 seats, the TJS and the CPI are in a fix. The CPI wanted 19 seats, but was offered just three seats. Similarly, the TJS wanted 36 seats. The Congress is prepared to give hust 12 seats. With the TDP agreeing for just 12, these two parties are  in a fix.  Hence, they feel the TDP has spoiled the negotiations and has seriously affected their bargaining power.
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