Why CM Ramesh Is Opposing Sujana Chowdary?

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They were for years the best buddies of Chandrababu Naidu. One was known to be TDP's biggest money-bag while the other was famous as TDP boss's benami. They were together all these years and their friendship was carried into the BJP too. They joined the BJP together and are believed to be working for protecting TDP boss’s interests in the BJP.  Yes, we are talking about TDP-turned-BJP Rajya Sabha MPs Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh.

But, it appears YS Jagan has successfully driven a wedge between them. His three capitals proposal has divided even Sujana and CM Ramesh. Sujana, who is alleged to have secured a huge swathe of land in and around Amaravati, is not just opposing the shifting of the capital, but also said that the Central Government would not allow the shifting of the capital.  Opposing him is CM Ramesh. He said the Centre will not interfere on the issue of three capitals. This is exactly opposite of what Sujana said. Ramesh is speaking differently because he is from Kadapa.

Regional passions trump all other passions and Ramesh is opposing Sujana only because his regional interests would be hurt. Best of friends speaking in different and in fact divergent tones is now being watched curiously by the political watchers in the state.
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