Why BJP Allowed Sujana, CM Ramesh ?

Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh called the BJP names and had even fasted against the Central Government on the issue of granting Kadapa steel factory. Sujana Chowdary left the Central Cabinet accusing the state of neglecting the interests of Andhra Pradesh. Yet they were there at the BJP national headquarters seeking membership of the party.

Why is the BJP so desperate in taking them into the party? In fact, both Sujana and CM Ramesh are facing CBI and ED probe into their assets. Yet, the BJP took them in. The reason, political watchers say, lies in the number game in Rajya Sabha. The BJP wants to remove the biggest stumbling block that is hindering its government. It has majority in Lok Sabha but in Rajya Sabha it falls short of majority and is facing problems in getting the bills passed. Currently, the BJP-led NDA has 102 seats in the 245 member Rajya Sabha. Of these, the BJP individually has 73 members.

The Congress-led UPA has 101 seats, with Congress having 50 seats. With the addition of these four members, the BJP will go up to 77 and the NDA 106. The NDA needs 124 seats to get the magic number. It will still need 18 MPs to get the majority.  This can happen by 2021 when at least 72 Rajya Sabha MPs resign. Whether BJP will be able to reach this number will depend on the party's performance in states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Jharkhand, Bihar and Haryana. So, by merging the TDP into the BJP, Shah is speeding up the process of getting majority in Rajya Sabha.