Why Are KTR, Harish Not Campaigning In Huzurnagar

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The TRS knows the art of winning elections. It knows how to whip up passions and emotions. It knows how to drum up support for itself and pip past the rivals. It has done it time and again. But, this time around in Huzurnagar bypoll, things seem to be different.

The initial exuberance is missing. The enthusiasm appears to have waned. The momentum is slowing up. The scene in Huzurnagar seems to be changing. Initially, when he campaigned KTR said that she is in the fray but she very well knows that she is going to be defeated. But, the mood now seems to be sullen and sombre. The TRS cadre are coming face to face with reality. The RTC strike and the failure of the government are making things difficult for the TRS. The cadre are facing embarrassing questions during the campaign. To add to it, the observers of the Central Election Commission are  keeping a close watch. This is not giving any elbow space to the TRS.

On the other hand, the Congress is upbeat. Its campaign is going full steam and all leaders have joined the electioneering. But, more importantly, KTR, who was very active initially, is not to be seen these days. Similarly, Harish Rao, who is the TRS Party's most dependable trouble-shooter, is also absent in Huzurnagar.  The absence of key campaigners from TRS shows that things are not as easy as expected.

Are they getting ready with alibis, is the question that is being asked in Huzurnagar. The enthusiasm and verve seen in the initial days is clearly missing in the TRS camp these days. Let's wait for a miracle now!!
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