Why Are Congress MLAs Quitting The Party?

The Congress Party in Telangana is in a quandary. It has lost the assembly elections badly. It didn't do all that well even in the Panchayat elections. Though the TRS stock has come down, the Congress could not capitalise on that. What more? Now, it is losing its MLAs to the TRS again. The TRs is now laying traps for the Congress MLAs and already two of their MLAs - Atram Sakku and Rega Kantha Rao - have already crossed over to the TRS.

The Congress leadership was left fumbling for response even as the TRS is luring its MLAs. The two MLAs have joined the very next day after the party announced its MLC candidate. The party is now debating as to why its MLAs are leaving the party. Some say that most of the elected MLAs from the party are facing financial problems. Most of them have spent huge amounts to win the recent elections and see no hope of getting the money back for the next five years. So, most of them are leaving for the TRS, which is the ruling party.

Several party leaders say that sarpanches, who won on the Congress Party too, are thinking of defecting to the TRS for this reason only. Most of them have spent huge amounts and cannot hope to recover the amount anytime soon with the TRS in power. so, the Congress should give them financial support to keep them in the party, so goes their argument.