Why Are BJP Seniors Afraid Of This Young MP?

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Some senior BJP leaders are worried about the rise of young Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Aravind with alarm. They are finding his aggressive actions irksome as he is not leaving even a single opportunity to project himself as the next alternative leader.

In the recent urban local body elections, he is the only leader who managed to put up a good show and relegated the TRS to the third place behind the BJP and the MIM. As if this was not enough, he has shown himself as a credible and aggressive leader in fighting the TRS irregularities during the polling. The way he picked up arguments with the police officials when they tried to prevent MLA Raja Singh from campaigning in Nizamabad and when a BJP activist was arrested, have established him as a formidable leader. By getting the regional office of the Spices Board to Nizamabad, he has also demonstrated his negotiating skills. When the TDP tried to raise questions about the setting up of Spices Board, he hit back strongly with a 10 minute-long power-packed video, which dared the TRS for a debate.

All these are worrying the senior and established leaders in the BJP. Some leaders, who have been around in Nizamabad for quite some time without doing much are clearly worried. Even the state level leadership is worried about his aggression. They are alarmed that he could emerge as a threat to their position.
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