Why Anil Ravipudi Loves English Titles?

In Film Industry, sentiments play big role than any other thing. If something works to get success just like how we don't allow our friends to move while India or our favorite team playing, filmmakers follow it religiously.

K. Raghavendra Rao visits Tirumala before starting a movie and after completing it. Kodi Ramakrishna used to tie headband while shooting a film.

Similarly, Trivikram Srinivas still writes at his old room, SSR follows a family custom and many others have their own versions of sentiments.

For many days, Srinu Vaitla followed Brahmi-Bakara sentiment in his films and now, Anil Ravipudi is following English titles sentiment.

Even though he recently in an interview said that he wants to put a Telugu title, may be out of sentiment, he registered even Mahesh movie title as What's Up?! All his movies with English titles have been successful, Supreme, Raja The Great and F2!