Who will become Maharashtra CM?

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Looks like the Maharashtra elections are continuing to create interest. With the leads from the election counts, the BJP party might win only 99 seats in the Assembly elections. Reportedly Shiv Sena is demanding more than what it had claimed before the elections.

To magic figure to form government in Maharashtra is 145. The elections count states that BJP will not more than 100 seats so Shiv Sena is trying to benefit more out of this opportunity. Compared to the last elections, BJP is lagging behind in more than 23 seats. Reportedly Shiv Sena might win 55 plus seats and can be a kingmaker.

According to the media reports, Shiv Sena is aiming for the CM seat. The BJP party cannot ignore their demand as they need Shiv Sena support to form the government. The Shiv Sena has demanded the BJP that CM should be their candidate.

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray's son Aditya Thackeray has contested in this election for the first time. The election counts he is heading towards victory from Varli constituency. With this, the news of Shiv Sena is demanding the CM seat is surfacing. R

If BJP says no to the demand, Shiv Sena will form the government in alliance with NCP and Congress which has won 51 and 45 seats respectively. Reportedly Shiv Sena is ready to form government whoever agrees to offer them CM seat. To know who will be the CM of Maharashtra we may have to wait a few more days.
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