Huzurnagar Polls Say, A Triangular Race

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The Huzurnagar seat is the only by-election seat in Telangana state. Ever since TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy vacated the Huzurnagar Lok Sabha seat, BJP and TRS have their eyes on the seat. Congress leaders, including Uttam Kumar Reddy, are trying their best to save the seat of Telangana president.

'Tupaki dot com' Survey Results:

Our Tupaki team conducted a survey and the survey results tell that the TRS party is going to win the Huzurnagar elections as of now, as it got 37.96% in the polls. But Congress has a chance to win the Huzurnagar assembly seat as it got 34.54% in the survey and the difference between the two parties is 3% and the result might vary if congress tries their best.

Why triangular race?

From the Survey conducted by the 'Tupaki dot com', we can say that the TRS party got 37.96%, Congress got 34.54% and the BJP party has got 17.93% till now. We never expected BJP would be in a race, unexpectedly it got 17.93% of votes. If the BJP continues the same situation it can cross TRS and congress.

Overall, it is difficult to tell, who will win the elections. In the survey conducted by 'Tupaki dot com', there is a slight difference between the two parties and we can't say who might win the results. We have to wait until the results were announced.

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