Who Will Win The Rajya Sabha Seats From YSRCP?

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With the ruling YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh gearing up for the Rajya Sabha extension the leaders are likely to face tough competition within the party. The political circles are citing that taking the strength in the Assembly into consideration ruling party will get all the Rajya Sabha seats.

The YSRCP enjoys a benefit here as all the key leaders are holding some are the other main posts. This enables Jagan to pick the candidates without much tension and hard work.

According to the insider reports, TTD chairman Y.V.Subba Reddy and Ayodhya Rami Reddy who is a close aide of Jagan are in the Rajya Sabha race. It has been widely reported that Gokaraju's family members will also get a seat here.

Looking at the history of Y.V.Subba Reddy, he sacrificed his MP seat following the orders of the party. He resigned from his MP seat questioning the Centre for not giving special status to Andhra Pradesh. It has been widely reported that Jagan has picked him considering all the sacrifices he did for the sake of the party and the state.
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